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Updated: Feb 1

So, I have A LOT of wigs in my personal collection. I have so many that I just love. Of my favorites, many come from my absolute favorite brand, TressAllure. Why are they my favorite brand? Two reasons, really. 1.) TressAllure believes in quality and stands behind their product. If anything is not right for me as their customer, or me on behalf of my customers, they will make it right. TressAllure has a smaller selection to chose from, allowing them to have a narrower product focus which lends to a higher product quality, in my opinion. 2.) TressAllure believes in active partnership. They actively support and promote retailer partners, such as Morning Glory Wig Studio, as well expressing thanks to product promoters. They regularly work in collaboration with both influencers and retailers. They foster a true "we're here for you" attitude when it comes to their customers and the promoters of their products.

Just such a collaboration is happening now...


This event has been very exiting for me because I have been able to highlight several fantastic TressAllure wigs and products on my social media platforms, with more to come each day to the end of the month. Check back here for more pics!

Here are those that I have already highlighted:

Pictures 1-4: California Beach Waves - color 33/30. Trend - color 24/102/R12. Sleek & Straight - color 33/32/R4. Picture Perfect - color 8R.

Pictures 5-8: Blaze - color Sunset Glow. Razor Cut Shag - color 17/23/R8. Shay - color Mimosa HL. Ashlyn - color Sugar Brulee.

Pictures 9-13:

Curl Intense - color 27/30/33H

Avery - color English Tea HL

Charlie - color Honey Bean

Brushed Pixie - color 32/31

Clarissa - color Cola Swirl

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Updated: Dec 24, 2022

UPDATE: Check out The 12 Wigs of Christmas! I will add each of the Twelve Wigs of Christmas as they are revealed! Please visit the Featured page to buy! www.morningglorywigs.com/featured


Merry Christmas 🎄🎁!

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